(Most-Wanted πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§) integrations

We don’t really close it. :slight_smile: We find it useful to monitor.

You’ll need to close/replace it if you ever want to add new banks / institutions to the poll

Discourse doesn’t allow editing polls which have already started :frowning_face:

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Can I +1 to Clydesdale Bank t/a Virgin Money?
Just found out I can’t log in on Virgin Money as mine is actually Clydesdale Bank. Can log in on Yolt and Snoop using Clydesdale Bank.

Such confusion :grimacing:

The log in for Virgin Money through Emma is Clydesdale Bank but my Customer no. is 3 digits longer than I can enter. I’m stuck I guess.

Capital One (UK) is fully out - you can try to connect now. :slight_smile:

I think you can remove BΓ³ from the list now :wink:


Eheheheh. I knew we shouldn’t have done it. :wink:

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Oh yeah! It should be! I second ratesetter

That means I’m unlikely to ever put money into Moneybox then. Karma matters

Aqua Card please :slight_smile:

Al Rayan would be great too - they already have an Open Banking API: https://www.alrayanbank.co.uk/useful-info-tools/open-banking/

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Please can you look at integration for

Marbles Credit Card
Opus Credit Card
118118 Credit Card
Cash Plus Account
Nationwide Accounts


NS&I would be great!


Another vote for Creation from me. Whichever service gets Creation on can have my business! Without it I’ve found it frustrating as a lot of spend is through the IHG credit card.

This is UK specific, I don’t think TL currently support but would love to see my crypto savings. Thanks

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Interactive Investor (ii.co.uk)? 7% of the vote is pretty significant and anecdotally would appeal to the 30+ demographic (ie. more likely to spend money on an Emma subscription ;))


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