(Most-Wanted πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§) integrations

I still have a number of accounts with them but since all of their monthly charges, I think I’ll just close these down.

Upvote for Clydesdale Bank from me. Would be great to see them soon.
Love the app!

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Any chance of adding Saga savings? https://www.sagasavings.co.uk/uk/en/login

I’d like to request Mode too…

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Why is Ratesetter not on the list?

Please add the ability to connect the Voyager investment/crypto app if possible

Please add the ability to connect cash app if possible

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@Jrbishop welcome to the Emma community!

How do you find Voyager?

I see Interactive Investor now up to 10th in the list @ 10% of the vote. Any ETA @edoardomoreni ?

Voyager bought out the old Circle crypto investment app from my understanding.

Ah then I will already be a customer. I’ll take a look, but I use Coinbase mostly.

We need the Celsius.Network on this app as well - helps users invest their crypto earnings and enjoy interest on them, like a bank :slight_smile:


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Any news on sainsburys?

Hi there,
Just wondering if the standard ISA accounts (for e.g. Barclays ISA Account) is on the roadmap to be integrated?

Are you working on integrating Clydesdale bank accounts? Mainly ISA and checkings?

We would if we could!

Banks aren’t required to provide access to ISA’s through their Open Banking API’s (the system we use to connect to banks in the UK) which is why you’re not given the option to add these accounts :crying_cat_face:

How are these integrations prioritised? Solely based on votes? What other factors are being taken into consideration? What is the likelyhood of eToro to be included any time soon considering it’s low popularity?

If there is an API available, we can do it.

Demand/usage in the app are a big factor as well. :slight_smile:

Does the API version play a role as well? For example eToros API is apparently in the alpha stage but does offer a portfolio summary of a user?
Also, one last question, when is the current poll closed and when will we know which integrations were selected to be added next?