(Most-Wanted 🇬🇧) integrations

Would you ever add overseas banks like Spendee or Wallet? Thanks

@grant.m agreed. I’ll get onto this later this week - chat has been particularly busy of as late


Integration request for:

  • Trading 212

Are these on your roadmap?
The former has a banking licence so I don’t understand why it wouldn’t be there already with open banking?

Thanks! :teddy_bear:

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Bó is very new so I wouldn’t be surprised if there haven’t yet been many user requests to integrate it.

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Same as Dozens, they might have 5 users. :sweat_smile:

Can we have an update on AJ Bell? Every time I search this forum I just find people asking for it but no update. Someone said they have an api available already? Is this true.

Would be great to get this. Thanks

Any chance of adding Coutts Bank ?

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I don’t know the extent to which app store position is suggestive of user numbers … but Dozens is in the top 50 in the iOS app store finance chart.

Compared to some of the existing integrations - its position is similar to Metro, Bank of Scotland, Tesco, and M&S. It’s higher than Amex, First Direct and Chip.

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Would love integration for NS&I, Moneybox and the ability to have ice cream without worrying about the calories. :joy:


I just signed up. This looks great, but the majority of my spending is through my Amazon credit card. Is there a timeline on this being supported?

Good to hear!

Perhaps you could consider this too if you find time…

What about Legal and General - https://www.legalandgeneral.com ?

I bank with AIB, can it be added to your list of banks…purleaseeeee?


Yes AIB NI (or what was First Trust) would be ideal. They also support Open Banking so should be possible! https://aibni.co.uk/open-banking

I think Yolt are the only ones who support them so far.

Post office credit card please

  1. Wirex is much cheaper then coinbase, but lack of integration makes me not happy
  2. LTC, XLM, USDC, USDT coins
  3. Another vote for Moneybox and Wealthify
  4. Aqua Credit Card
  5. Koto and Tymit cards
  6. Monese and Zeux
    And all I am using would be covered :sweat_smile:

This thread getting tidied up?

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We have started looking at the missing credit cards: Capital One, Aqua, New Day and a few banks including Sainsbury’s and Yorkshire Bank. :slight_smile: