(Most-Wanted πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§) integrations

Aqua Credit Card would be massively appreciated. Any word on it?

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Will never happen.

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Any word on sainsburys bank credit cards? Money Dashboard now have them integrated through open banking.

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Faith. :rofl:

Excited to be proved wrong! :smirk:

Would like to see Aqua as well. Yolt used to have and disabled their integration but seems to be testing it again… I have installed Emma when searching for new options but no luck. :frowning:

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Would be great to see integration with Fidelity!

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I thought nutmeg was in talks? Or has that fallen through now?

I see interactive investor on this list but what about interactive brokers? (Is that the same thing to Emma?)

It’s so odd because they used to. They must have changed something :disappointed:

Yes, we have built it. Just waiting for them to finalize.

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I see that somebody asked for it in April last year but don’t see it on the list.

Can we get Standard Life access for pensions please?


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Another competitor that shall remain unnamed has added Nutmeg (only for accounts with 2 factor disabled). Who will win the race for a feature complete integration? :laughing:

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Nutmeg is now fully available. :wink:

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:slightly_frowning_face: Looks like the same issue as with the other provider. It only works with Nutmeg 2 factor disabled. Seems like an issue on the Nutmeg end.

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Transferwise :+1: :partying_face:


Can you send a message to the chat in More? We can double check.

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