(Most-Wanted 🇬🇧) integrations

The poll suggestion would be good to implement.

Evidence collection to support the dedication of time/resources to most wanted integrations (available via OB or not).

American Express available:


What’s happening with Tandem? The list at the top says coming in September - it’s October already and no news.


They have made their API available to developers, but no comment from Emma.

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Not sure if it has been asked already, or if it’s possible to have this but, it’d be nice to have support for RateSetter, the peer-to-peer lending platform. Not sure if it qualifies under ‘savings’ or ‘investments’ (probably the latter, given the risks).


We are still using Saltedge & TrueLayer for UK connectivity, so waiting for them. :slight_smile:

+1 for Marcus and Sainsburys Cards.

Anyway, would it be possible as a feature to let us add “generic” accounts that we can add as savings or Credit cards and setup manually? We could use this while we wait for an integration or even when such an integration is not possible. That way, we can have a whole picture of what our current situation is.

I know this is far from ideal as we would have to update them manually, but it would be better than nothing. Now that I cannot see my hsbc credit card and savings account anymore, I’m less compelled to use Emma because it won’t give me a good enough snapshot of my accounts.

That’s available in Emma Pro

Just to save any queries, would Emma confirm if they are currently working on introducing any new integrations?

At this stage, we are not focused on any integrations. They will come as we go, if we have the opportunity - this can even mean tomorrow, so yes, my statement is way too generic.

Sainsburys, for example, is implementing Open Banking, same Vanquis, and others; so once they are available via our provider, we can just release them.

Our focus is on the product and we have too many things to get done first. :smile:

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Please can you add Handlesbanken to your list of banks. I would be keen to use Emma in the future if it supported my bank.

Aegon Pensions

Be able to record holdings of Gold and have weight valuation matched to global value (similar to the manual recording of Euro’s).

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Shutting my Marcus account until they open their API. Will let them know it’s the reason.

Chip has far higher interest rate anyway…!

If they even pay you the correct % of interest…

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They do… Any reason to think they wouldn’t?

This is cool.

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How’s that related to the integrations? :rofl:

I was responding to the question regarding Chip’s interest.

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