(Most-Wanted 🇬🇧) integrations

Ahhh… the massive ponzi scheme.

Don’t Emma and Chip have a “partnership”? Slightly concerning that Emma CEO now referring to their business as a ponzi scheme.

Requested integrations

Yorkshire Bank
Virgin Money

(These may be in a state of flux as they are now related and in the process of being ‘consolidated’)

Yorks Bank is important to me, as my main account is held there.

Yorkshire Building Society
Skipton Building Society
Leeds Building Society
Principality Building Society
National Savings And Investments

Thanks muchly.

Any news on Tandem, which apparently had a forecast API for Sept 2019.

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Is this something you would consider adding under Investments?

Ignore him :roll_eyes: :joy: #hatersgonhate

We have constant debates about the pro’s and con’s of Chip in office (I invested so you could say I’m very much on the pro side)

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Have Virgin Money ever consolidated/given computer access to their legacy Northern Rock accounts. Are these now branded Virgin?

What a complicated mess this whole CYBG thing is - like Santander and RBS/Natwest and Halifax/Lloyds with knobs on.

I would like capital one credit card integrated


What about IHG Rewards MasterCard from Creation Credit Card

We used to have this, but has been a bit difficult to get it back.

Their authentication system is a challenge. However, they should be able to implement / develop APIs, so we’ll sort it out when they are ready / available. I don’t have an ETA yet. :slight_smile:

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Standard Life pensions would be great :slight_smile:


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Tandem please!


Would be great to hear an update on this one.

i’m losing interest in emma now very little info is given regarding open banking and why certain banks don’t work when they do with other apps with and websites its not an open banking problem but its the way emma connects to these banks.

i’d recommend money dashboard if anyone has any problems with banks as they have far more than emma.


Does it connect Tandem, Marcus or Zeux?

i’m sorry i don’t have any of the above accounts but the ones i have seem to work fine with money dashboard sorry i couldn’t be of more help.

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It connects Marcus, but not Tandem. MD used to work really well, but the banking changes in September threw a bit of a spanner in the works. Some accounts that did work now do not currently, because of greater authentication requirements. Support isn’t brilliant but at least they try, and listen.


Keen to hear @edoardomoreni’s comments.