(Most-Wanted 🇬🇧) integrations

Jaja Credit Card. Fintech UK Credit Card.

Trading 212 - current value of all investments would suffice to keep it simple. Ideally a breakdown of the current of each stock invested - eg - Tesla £1k - Apple £2k etc.

For either the bitcoin Xpub address to work or the ability to simply add the value of your bitcoin and so you can see the value change as it’s value changes.

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You can do this with a manual account. Set the balance to zero, enter current value as a transaction on today’s date, then create new transactions for the change in balance (delta) on future dates

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Please add Atom bank, thanks.

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Please add Atom bank to the app.

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If you are in the UK, add your request to this thread:

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Is there any update on AJ Bell/YouInvest? @edoardomoreni

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Any news on adding Al Rayan Bank? @edoardomoreni

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Wealthify got already open API, one of your competitor provide integration. Whydon’t you support wealthify?

Hey @haseem!

No ETA at the moment, but we’ll update everyone here as soon as there is :muscle:

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The may have an API, but it doesn’t appear to be open/public

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Hello! I saw that Triodos is on your poll - is this on the roadmap? Thank you!

Heyyy @Jwpe

We don’t have an ETA at the moment but will share any updates on here!! :raised_hands:

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Hi! I would like to create a Plum account but because they are not integrated with Emma app, I don’t.


Hi @awandiem - welcome to the Emma Community! And noooo don’t be sad! We’ll update you here with any news we have about a Plum integration :blush::crossed_fingers:

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Maybe not quite the right thread, but I just reconnected to Halifax and can now see all my Savings accounts with them, which is nice! Halifax has clearly decided to include all their savings in open banking - :crossed_fingers: that others follow suit


Hi, new user, looking for an integration with Intelligent Finance, owned/operated by Halifax or Bank of Scotland.




Oh, don’t want to spoil it, but it seems like NewDay has done a bit of fixes in their API. MoneyDashboard now keeps getting data, without the need to re-authenticate each time.

Still give an error on mobile, referring to Azure Web App, that doesn’t exist.

Let’s see how it goes.

Maybe it is time to resume attempt to bring this integration?