(Most-Wanted 🇬🇧) integrations

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Do you mean MBNA, which is already supported?

From Saltedge’s list of supported banks

Let me remove MBMA.

In terms of these:

  • Capital One was available until yesterday. They made some changes, which need to be fixed from Saltedge, and we have taken it down.
  • Co-Op is available.
  • M&S has Open Banking available, so I think we are enabling it in September, same as Ulster.
  • Triodos, this was requested by 1 person in the last 15 months.
  • N26, they integrate with the german version and we are figuring it out if it’s compatible with the UK one.

I use Apple Pay and switch to Barclays, when that is the case.

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Ah yes, they list as Co-operative Bank and you list it as The Co-operative Bank, which is why I missed it in Emma.

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+1 for Sainsbury’s Bank (credit card)

Also natwest mortages would be great

edit: Oh! And Legal & General pension

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Is there any way to get Tesco Bank to update normally?

Having to do the SMS verification/wait 5 minutes to update every time is very irritating.

Tandem is my only completely missing account.

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No, there is no way for this.

We have tried contacting the bank and they have no interest in supporting/updating/helping. We are going to transition this connection to a new system later in September, which should avoid this; at least for current accounts and credit cards.

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If Ratesetter and Funding Circle have made the list, what about Zopa and Lending Works?

No one has done all the major P2P platforms yet, but would be great to see the balances at least in one place


What is it? :slight_smile:

It’s an investment platform that allows you to open stocks & shares ISA , lifetime ISA and investment accounts.

It mostly operations within workplace benefits schemes for different companies so that money can invested via salary sacrifice if the user wants.

The company I work for introduced it as a benefit this year and It be great if I could track my S&S ISA though EMMA.

At the moment I use a manual account but integration would be better😁

EDIT: link to there website if you want to take a look

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That’s interesting to know, thanks for sharing! :slight_smile:

We can add it to the list.

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How does Yolt manage it? Yolt updates Tesco automatically - why can’t Emma?

They should have the same issue or they have moved to Tesco Open Banking.

The last time we checked they had the issue too, cause Tesco hadn’t released their API yet.

No yolt has been like that for a long time before I started using emma