Money coming out alerts?


I may be being thick, and I know you can check in the subscriptions section , but something to remind you that a subscription is due to come out in, say, three days, or something, and what the subscription is would be useful in my opinion .

That way it’s more obvious that you shouldn’t do other things or it gives you time to cancel the subscription beforehand (usually)

I have a monthly budget, but that includes three different payments on three different days, so having money in my monthly budget is not the same as having it in my bank account.

(Basically I’m moaning as I bought something that took my main account quite close to zero and then two subscriptions I had forgotten have gone out this morning and i’m cross with myself. I have an arranged overdraft but paying 6p a day is fiddly and annoying. I also am expecting money to be paid in tomorrow but even so. Trying very hard to get my budget back on track but it became a right mess because reasons and it just needs time now)

Hey @Orko

Emma does usually send you a notification if you have subscriptions due to come out in the next couple of days which could take you into an overdraft.

I’ll have to check with the team if this is different for new users!


Thank you. I don’t seem to get them but it may be because I am new

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Have you checked the notifications panel? Settings-> Notifications. :slight_smile: