"Heads-up" overdraft message

I’ve just got a message saying “Heads-up! You only have £1,048 in “Account name”. You’re going to pay £1,876 to Netflix and 4 others in the next few days”.

Can anyone spot the problem? :laughing:

I’m not sure how the order of the 5 subscriptions is chosen for that message since they’re all predicted to be on the same date. I think it should be based on £ value so it tells me paying my rent might put me into overdraft rather than paying £8 to Netflix will.

Probably a more complicated second issue but I’m not sure I should be getting this message at all, or maybe it should be optional. I think currently subscriptions don’t pick up income but this message doesn’t take into account the fact that my salary will be coming into the account before these transactions so there’s no risk of an overdraft.

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Haha, that is one expensive Netflix subscription :joy: but I think these might be picked randomly so I will pass this feedback onto the rest of the team

Can you please reach out to live chat about this - and include a link to this thread? Thanks!

@Greg - I had a similar thing and it turned out it was due to pots in Monzo. I move rent and bills into it and then tell Monzo to pay out from that.

Emma can’t see these settings and so when it knows my rent is due but I’ve got less in the current account pot, it will warn me of this in the same manner as you describe.