Factor subscriptions into remaining balance

When I started using Emma a few months ago, I added all of my subscriptions including my yearly insurance bill.

This week, I knew that my insurance provider would be taking the very large sum of money but, despite Emma showing the subscription as upcoming in the dedicated section, the total balance on the accounts page was blissfully unaware. The payment just got taken and that total balance massively dropped.

Do subscriptions not factor into the remaining balance? I thought they did but evidently not and I have screenshots showing it.


This would be a great feature, at least show current balance and predicted balance.

Hey @mythofechelon, not yet but we know this is an issue.

Do you put money aside each pay period or month towards this insurance bill?

For the month or pay period?

If the subscription can send you in overdraft and we have a prediction, we will send a notification. :slight_smile:

Please please please implement this.

I recently went overdrawn for the first time in a long time (possibly ever) because I forgot that Emma doesn’t work this way.

Do you think the prediction should follow your budgeting period?

@edoardomoreni I’m unsure what you mean, sorry. In any case, just a live figure of “total balance of current accounts - total balance of credit cards - all upcoming subscriptions this month” would be so useful.