The Upcoming Payment Prompt

Would it be a possibility to have an option to enable or disable push notifications for upcoming payments , an option to put a countdown on there and the option to schedule reminders.

What about a reminder on Sunday of all your upcoming payments for the week? :slight_smile:


That would be awesome ! :smile: could it go into detail to the point it says"you’ve got payments to #### and #### which comes to £#### for the week and if the app hasn’t synced by the time Sunday comes and you don’t have available funds, could it then prompt you to have available funds ?

ooo I like this!

We already do this - the app notifies, if an overdraft is likely. :wink:

I see! :joy: how about if you have a subscription assigned to a CC , and you’ve got no funds left , would EMMA give me a virtual telling off ?

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