Bill Reminders 🧾

We’re thinking about adding bill reminders into the app - perhaps a notification at the start of the week that says what bills are due in that week…

Is this something you’d like? What information would you want to see? And what do you think is the best way for us to add this into the app?

All ideas welcome!! :pray:

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I don’t think I would need or use this.

With most companies now I can group my bills to be on a date I prefer so I try to group nearly every bill together.

Also, the way in which I use pots means the bills are already set to go out without affecting any main balances, negating the risk and needing to know what is due when.

For others their mileage may vary.

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Ah yeah sounds like you’re pretty on top of your bills/ payments already :clap::clap:

If you sign up for a new subscription do you always set it up so the payment comes out of your pot?

Thinking it could be quite useful for anyone that might forget about different new subscriptions they sign up for?

If someone is signing up and forgets about it always I think that’s a bigger problem but that’s my opinion.

Monzo are making some changes to allow card payment based subscriptions work with pots too I believe, so I can then add those subscriptions to the pots and all the money in the current account is free to play with :slight_smile:

Hmm yes true, but with the amount of companies offering free trials for everything, I do think it’s understandable why some people would forget!

The Monzo thing sounds cool. I haven’t really made the most of Monzo pots because I have a separate bills account, but do you know if they send reminders if there’s not enough money in the pot to pay those bills?

Yes, you get a notification and an entry in your feed if there won’t be enough to pay a dd when it’d scheduled to come out

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Monzo are really good at listing upcoming Direct Debits and this is very helpful as it gives users days in advance to ensure funds are in the pot of they don’t overfund them like me.

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I’d like weekly perspective of upcoming bills. I put some thoughts in a previous thread

For me, how you choose to present it is less important. I’m more interested in when the information/reminder becomes available. I wouldn’t want Monday. I’d rather have it in advance on Saturday.

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Any particular reason why you’d choose Saturday?

Just because if I needed to take any action based on upcoming bills (e.g. move money to a current account) the convenient time for me to do that would be the weekend, not Monday.

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Really like that idea as well

Maybe suggest instead of beginning of the week, a notification a week before they are due (one per day for all or total) or by a setting for frequency, if only at beginning of the week, like Monday and bill due that day or Tuesday, not much notice. If weekly, supply this weeks bills and the following week as well so get notified of a week ahead giving plenty of time if needed. Maybe summary saying x amount to these creditors this week and x amount for next week to these creditors and having rolling ahead like that.

Include option to set week start date so if easier on weekends to sort out have notification on Friday or Saturday, if paid on Tuesdays, have Tuesday notification, etc…

Ok so I think our current plan is to have two options:

  • You either set it to weekly, where you get one big notification about your upcoming bills on Sunday. This notification will show a max of 10 bills for that week - if you’ve got more than that we’ll say something like “and x more bills”

  • Or daily, where we send you a notification 2 days before any bills are due

With my Lloyd’s account, I get a notification that they estimate X amount will be paid by direct debits in the upcoming week. Personally, I would find the total amount to be paid more useful than the number of bills.
For the weekly notification, would it be possible to prioritise bills in terms of what is included in the top 10? E.g. mortgage and energy being more important than netflix and spotify. Or would it be the top 10 based on amounts?

OK that’s cool, we can look at adding a total to the notification too :blush:

Currently, we have it planned so we show the 10 bills that are due first - would you prefer it to be sorted based on highest value first?

I don’t have a particular preference and I would be happy with either. I was mainly thinking that if you had 12 bills to be paid that week and the final one was the largest, you wouldn’t see that in the weekly notification.

Yep true!

If you have lots of bills coming out throughout the month maybe the daily notification would be better then?

I know this is an old topic but wanted to revive the discussion a bit. I just tried out your “true balance” feature and its helpful but it is missing one big thing. It does not take into account my credit card bills.

I recently downloaded the app Prism(by billgo) and this apps sole job is too connect to billers and show you your upcoming bills based one your statements. It would be awesome if emma could include this feature. Does plaid give you access to the credit card statements? Also I think another user also pointed out that true balance would be more useful if you could see a projection of your balance by date and I agree with this.

I feel like there needs to be a differentiation between subscriptions and bills since bills could differ in amount every month where subscriptions don’t. Finally on a related note the subscriptions page really needs categorization so we can see a subtotal per month based on categories.

This should work, can you ping live chat? We can check.