Missed Payment Notification


Today a direct debit of mine has not been collected from my bank.

I noticed straight away in this case. I do not know whether it will be collected tomorrow or not however it made me realise it might be good if Emma could spot these payments.

It is a subscription in my settings so rather than the day just passing by and the subscription not being marked as paid perhaps it would be good to highlight there might have been a problem either with the collecting company or the bank.

I know it might not be possible on the same day but perhaps within a day or two, a notification pointing out the missed subscription payment could be a good addition.


Hey @angiecinnamon :wave:

Thanks for sharing that idea, I’ll mention it to the rest of the team!

What do you think would be better? A little popup in the app which says “X bill for X amount hasn’t been taken from your account yet”, or something in the subscriptions section which highlights in red any late payments?

Hi @rebekha

I am a big fan of looking at my committed spending. Perhaps it could be there in red? My concern about having it below the balances in the notifications is that sometimes these can be swiped away without really reading as I find the information less important due to the mix of transactional data and Emma information.


Okay, that’s great to know, thanks @angiecinnamon :bulb: