Committed spending not updated

I had a warning this morning that my bills due to go out would take me in to my overdraft, thought this a bit odd, I knew I’d had a heavy weekend but didn’t think it was that bad. Upon opening the app I can see my bank has processed my bills but the committed spending is still showing them as due to be paid still, meaning the app thinks I’ve got more to pay out than I actually have. Did cause a bit of an alarm until I’d realised what had happened. Is there anyway to force the committed spending to update to reflect the true amount I have left to pay out?

Hey @mb2706,

thanks for reaching out!

Can you message live chat so we can double check this? Thanks :slight_smile:

This seems to of fixed itself this morning, do you still need me to do a live chat or send anything over?

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It’s good for reference. :slight_smile:

This has happened twice before. I might be wrong, but I think both were Bank holiday Mondays.