Multiple subscriptions to same merchant/account

Where multiple standing orders are made for the same or different values, on the same or different days currently emma assumes they are the same thing. These transactions have different payment references.

On the 1st of the month:

  • £150 paid to account A with reference 1234
  • £150 paid to account A with reference 3456
    The above are recurring and will both be paid on the first of the following month, so a subscription should be configured for both, separately.

The scenario above covers paying childcare contributions to HMRC for multiple children, on the same day. It could also be a standing order to a joint account, split into multiple transactions for clarity of purpose.

Hey @Halignat,

Currently, Emma identifies subscriptions primarily by the transaction name. If the name is too similar, Emma will get confused.

We know this is an issue and our trusty team are on it behind the scenes working away at making subscriptions better :hammer_and_wrench:

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That’s really great to hear, I look forward to the update! Will really set emma apart from other personal finance apps

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Yes, and feel free to reach out to live chat to point this out, so we can double check. :slight_smile: