Multiple recurring payments with same merchant

Managing and predicting recurring payments is a nice feature that I use a lot - but if you have multiple subscriptions with the same merchant, it quickly breaks down entirely.

I have multiple annual payments with the same merchant (in my case, multiple domains through the same domain registrar), and the auto-generated predictions for those have always been a jumbled mess. So I thought to finally sit down and manually re-create these subscriptions properly.

  • I search for the latest payment, set it up as recurring, and select annual frequency. The resulting recurring payment has picked up four random payments from each year, and the next predicted date as some sort unhelpful average. I’m completely puzzled why selecting “annual” has seemingly zero effect here.

  • I delete the false transactions, and move on. But for the next ones, only the transaction I tapped on is added to the subscription history; no historical transactions are picked up. Why, because I deleted them from the other unrelated subscription?

  • No worries, I’ll just pick the other ones from the “Add more transactions” button… except the search results on this screen for some inexplicable reason do not display the date for the transactions, so I have absolutely no clue which transactions to pick!

Well, at least I now have accurate predictions for the future. But categorising all the historical payments properly is seemingly unresolvable, as the frequency setting seems to do nothing to improve the accuracy of the automatic grouping, and manual addition is impractical because you can’t tell when each transaction happened.


Thank you for sharing your experience and suggestions. It’s clear you’ve put a lot of thought into this. :raised_hands:
I’ve passed your feedback along to the product team.