Allow manual suggestions of merchant enrichment data

Suffice to say that every company in existence doesn’t have a twitter handle - it’d be good if we could suggest this using a generic notes field where we could fill in blacks for whoever is updating this on Emma’s end


Hey soon you will be able to update them yourself manually! but it will still be using twitter :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Boo :cry:

I appreciate the manual changing of merchant enrichment data - but I think I’ve already been changing their names now as part of Emma Pro


Everyone has twitter! (nearly) :joy:

Small shops don’t :cold_sweat:

Perhaps we could compromise - website links as well as twitter handles!! With mandatory one filled out but no requirement for both

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I spoke to the team about this recently and it is not changing for now but maybe in the future :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

With Twitter becoming less and less popular, I’d like to see Instagram and Facebook as well. Instagram is definitely on the rise.

Also, will we be able to add merchant information to incoming payments as well?

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Hey @BendikHa

I don’t think so to be honest, I don’t think we can touch pending transactions, but I will have to check with the team

In theory Emma is loading and saving this data right, then modifying it from their side - the fact it can’t be edited would wholly surprise me.

Maybe “don’t want to touch it” would be more accurate. I still think an authorizations category that is ignored would be a good idea still after we find out that it can be edited by Emma

Hey. I think you misundestood me, I wasn’t asking if I could edit pending transactions, I was thinking of incoming transactions such as salary, cashback etc. If that money came from a company with a Twitter account, it could have a logo. The same would go for refunds.

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Hey ahhhh I see, got you now!

I will have to ask the team :slight_smile: I’m sure it is something that could be added