Make my Pro worth it in Canada

Being pro Emma user outside UK is no close to value offered in your home country. I understand the regulative constraints but keeping the same price everywhere offering way less functionality is not fair.

My app screen has 4 tabs only one of which have everything app offers here and rest of all is BS.

-Groups- Just an another way of grabbing more customer not much for me here.
Why would I need groups tab if I don’t care about it nor my friends and family care about it.

-Save - Just an another way of making money for you guys.
is useless as for years you don’t offer either best cash backs nor all the mainstream company where I shop. And this space is so much saturated I don’t care anymore.

  • Emma pro - I don’t want a full tab just for setting but I don’t mind about it as much as others.

Bottom bar should be customizable or more useful.

I think this is an open conversation for any country we are in - same US or UK.