Honest review of Emma Pro

So it’s almost been a year since using Emma Pro and like I have said on other posts it’s hard to find one app that does everything but I feel like Emma is getting there!

I think in terms of use layout Emma has the best one. It’s easy to use and the UX experience is quite pleasant and it’s a really important factor for me. Having looked at other apps they may have different features but if it feels clunky to use or the layout isn’t nice it is a bit off putting.

Next month my subscription is up for renewal and I know this app isn’t built just for me but there are some things that I would like to see and I hope others would like to see too. I won’t list things that I know are in the works like web version but here is MY list of things to do. Most of the things listed competitors have so I’m sure Emma can do it. That way I have the best UX and everything I need :laughing: Selfish I know.

  • more integrations on the pension side of things. Another app seems to have a lot of pension providers listed so I’m sure Emma can too. The big ones like MMT, Legal and General, Scottish Widows, NEST etc

  • Car finance providers? A lot of people have car finance so it would be nice to have them too. Black horse, auto bank/PSA etc the big ones.

  • home and car valuation - again another app has it so I hope Emma can adopt

  • STARLING SPACES - another app has the transactions for starling spaces displayed. This is really important as my bills get paid through a starling space so without the transactions I can’t use the recurring payments feature on Emma.

-Stocks. Good to have live stocks in the investment category where you can enter how many shares of stock X you have and see how much it’s worth.

Pricing: £39.99 good price for Pro. I can’t justify the £14.99 a month for ultimate just because I know that I won’t use all of the features.

Overall a really good app and I wanted to give my honest opinion. The other thing is the team does take things on board and are very proactive in answering all your questions so thanks for that :grin:

Quizzes are fun too even though I’ve not won anything yet :sob:.

To anyone thinking about it, it has helped me and it’s amazing opening one app to get everything in order. The community is also one of if not the best out there.

I will be renewing :grin:

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Just to let you know, we have an engineer on this right now. :slight_smile:


Thank you for your feedback! We appreciate your suggestions for improvements.

P.S. Keep participating in our quizzes - you never know when you might win! :eyes:

Thanks for choosing Emma! :purple_heart: :raised_hands:

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Im sooooo excited for this! Hopefully it’s not too long because then I can set up all my recurring payments and have a proper budget :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


We have just added support for starling spaces - you should see it reflected in the app. :slight_smile:

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I have been using it -Complete!!! Budgets set and ready to go for this new financial year!!!