Emma Pro Features coming soon 🛠

Hey Everyone

We are building a few new additions into Emma Pro: :gem:

:date: Export the ranges you want.
:pound: Manual accounts in any currency.
:shopping_cart: Manual transactions to track cash spending.
:memo: Rename of multiple transactions in one go!

Let us know what you think :point_down:


What does ‘Manuel Balanves in Any Currency’ mean?

Also, how about giving us the option to chose what accounts we want to export? If I export data From Emma it export all data from all accounts.

It means you will be able to create manual accounts with different currencies

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Re: manual transactions, will we have to create them one by one in the app, or will we be able to import them in bulk through some API?

I would like a full API for Emma tbh. It could be extremely powerful!

Emma could actually strengthen their revenue pool quite a bit by allowing developers to access their systems. Charge me like half price (or full-price if I’m making a product outside of the app, I guess)

I would like to add a few features and change a few things to and with Emma and I’m willing to develop them myself but I’ve cancelled my pro subscription until Emma does them

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yes you will need to create them one by one but that doesn’t mean in the future it won’t be possible :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

What features would make the difference for you having pro?


  • Stop trying to force me into a set payday, let me mark my monthly wages as a fixed amount and then Emma can work out what I’m spending when it comes to commitments
  • Allow me to hide investments as I don’t have any that are supported with Emma sadly
  • make that change with the cards that I requested
  • let me reset all my finances in Emma and start fresh from a new month (as at the minute it’s a complete cluster you know what with money being paid in and out to get bonuses, of which I’ve decided to stop doing because it’s triggering me hard)
  • have paypal incoming and outgoing merged into one feed item if I’m spending from my card through PayPal
  • change what did I spend so it doesn’t show me the tag for literally every merchant I’ve spent st - unless I’ve spent within that timeframe
  • preferably let me remove the “sharing is caring” message as I’m planning to pay for a product - i’ll Recommend it if it’s something I find great (you guys aren’t too far off besides some cosmetics that make it feel cluttered!)
  • let me mark authorization charges
  • let me edit pending charges
  • use some nice learning memes to work out how much my credit card bill is going to be in subscriptions
  • change subscriptions to ‘recurring payments’ as I’m not subscribing to my phone bill or credit card :joy: subscriptions are much more of an “Apple Music or other online service” kind of thing
  • give me an API so I can manage my manual accounts nicely, should I want to do so through that method
  • preferably make the API powerful enough that I could build upon it and write my own app based on emma’s framework

P.S. I don’t suppose you know how good Pact’s Coffee is @lilli? It looks gorgeous I’m thinking about getting some :sweat_smile:

Aw okay, I’ll wait for v2 then… too much work, I’m lazy :slight_smile:

oh not too much then :rofl:

I don’t drink coffee so I could not tell you!

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This is really cool and I can see us building it. I am not sure when though. :sweat_smile:

Manual transactions have been highly requested for cash spending.