Lockdown Easing

Hi everyone! :wave:

We wanted to get a bit of an idea of how everyone is feeling about the lockdown restrictions easing?

Are you happy about the pubs/ restaurants opening, or still feeling a little anxious about it all?

Anxious for pubs :no_good_man:

Every time I’ve passed a pub there’s been no social distancing in sight

Am I the only one who can’t be bothered to book a table for a restaurant either?

Then the headlines on Sunday morning were “drunk people can’t social distance”… Yes I think we could all have guessed that :see_no_evil:

I’m not racing to book a table either… I just can’t see it being the same experience?

When I reading that I was thinking exactly the same thing. It’s not exactly a revelation

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What did the UK government think was going to happen!? That everyone would follow the rules and behave!? :joy::joy:

If you open the cages in the zoo then the animals will escape!!! :joy::joy::man_facepalming::man_facepalming:

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Locked at home till the end of the world has passed. :eyes:


Haha exactly @joeperris! :joy:

Part of me was shocked at the photos of a supppper busy Soho, but then at the same time, it did kinda make me miss going out-out…

@rebekah Yea I think it will be some months before going out out is back to normal!!!

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