Eat Out To Help Out Scheme

Who’s looking forward to the Eat Out To Help Out scheme launching next week?

Do you think you’ll take advantage of the 50% off discount? If you do, which restaurant will you be visiting first??

We’ve written about it here and have included links to all the restaurants involved in the scheme!

Absolutely not, the government hell bent on prioritising kick starting the economy instead of focusing on health, with an average death toll of 100-110 it doesn’t appeal to me :thinking:

Certainly will take advantage.

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Most likely will and at Honest Burgers. I was one of their best customers before, well, you know…


Mmmmm Honest Burgers! When they did their collab with Mother Clucker :drooling_face:

Well I can confirm, it was very good! Get yourself to Honest Burgers soonish :wink:


9.45 am and now I want a burger hahah

Also, great photography! Was that taken on your phone?

I wish! I’ve got a very old phone that I am hoping will hold out until Apple release the next iPhone. My friend took it on their decent iPhone and I just about scanned the QR code to check-in for our table!

Didn’t even think about this!

If you don’t have a good enough phone, you can’t eat here :joy:

Let’s just say I didn’t use it in the end. He just waved us in as I made a frustrated frowning face. I’ll blame my phone but I do need to upgrade.

How was it overall though? Did it feel safe/ socially distanced enough?

Honestly? No. But the excitement of good food and friends overruled my intelligence kicking in.

Thermometer present but not used, no hand sanitiser around, but things were clear and well distanced inside (outside less so).

We went for a drink to a local bar after and from day one everyone had temperature taken, all names and numbers written down, and strict on distancing in all areas.

I would go again but I would take extra wipes next time.

Hmmm not great then!

Suppose it’s good to get into the habit of taking your own wipes, sanitiser etc

I moved back to London this weekend and the first place we went was Beigel Bake on Brick Line - was probably safer eating outside on a curb, than inside some of the restaurants :joy:

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@jase - I went! And it was goooood! (need to work on my food photography skills though :joy:)

Brilliant! Which one did you go to? I’m a veggie so I can’t comment on those burgers but I know my friend always has the Honest. Did you try their burger beer? It’s ok, quite malty.

If I see my friends tomorrow or tonight, I’m going to get them to try Wicked Burger in Waterloo for takeaway, it’s sooooooo good.

The one in Spitalfields :blush:

I got the Steak Frites burger and a little halfy of the burger beer - also think it’s just ok, quite watery I thought haha?

Need to try this too!

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It’s a good scheme but dig deep into it and aren’t we really paying for it - our taxes?