Team Interview With Bekki

Afternoon everyone!

Next up in our series of team interviews we chat to… me!

Here you can find out a little more about me, what I do at Emma, and why I think Emma has become so successful :muscle:

And, if you’ve got any questions for me, drop them below! :v:

Interesting read.


Whose kitchen are you sat in? Looks large and nice. Way too big for a London home, surely :wink:

Who asked the questions? Were you really talking to yourself. :crazy_face:

Why the one way ticket :airplane: to Brazil, and what route did you therefore take to get home. Sounds intriguing.

How long have you been in London, and was the move career goal inspired, or for the city? :city_sunrise:

Haha it’s my mum’s kitchen - definitely not my own :see_no_evil:

I miiiight have been talking to myself, yes. We asked Piers if he’d be up for it, but he was busy :woman_shrugging:t2:

The one-way ticket was the start of six months in South America - I did Brazil > Uruguay > Argentina > Chile > Peru > Ecuador and 4 days in Colombia before Covid hit and we had to fly home :upside_down_face:

Moved to London in 2013 to work in fashion - so I guess originally it was career goal inspired but now I love love love London as a city! :grinning:

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Wow. Not envious. Much :clap:

I want to travel, however, all my foreign trips have been cancelled this year.

Was fortunate to be able to have a break in Scarborough last week. I love Yorkshire. High Covid area though, so sort of a gamble. Plenty followed the rules, though navigating the slim cobbled streets of York was a challenge. Plenty of masks being worn though :mask:

Fashion to banking. Interesting side step. London probably is the place for those following a fashion career though. In England anyway.

You love love love London :thinking: hmmm. I love parts of it. Other parts I steer clear of, if possible.

What you think of this latest news then:

That’s good - not enough people here are wearing masks…

Not thrilled about the latest news, but knew it was coming!

What tier is it where you live?

I am Tier 1.