Are you spending more than pre-pandemic?

According to a new report from Lloyds Bank, people spent 53% more in pubs and restaurants in the three weeks following “Freedom Day” than in the same period in 2019! :beer::beer::beer:

The 55 to 64-year-old age group accounted for the biggest increase in spending, while the North East increased spending in pubs and restaurants by 77% vs pre-pandemic.

Spending at restaurants and pubs in London only increased 28% - the lowest of any region in the UK!

Are you spending more in pubs and restaurants than you were in 2019?

Yes, but only because the price of a pint has gone up to £6 in the pubs I go to :rage:

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Stick to the spoons, the second a drink hits more than a fiver a pint I’m not drinking anymore

This is so weird. Do you think maybe because there is more ‘to do’ in London, Freedom Day meant a lot of Londoners went a did alternative activities?

I’d probably go and consider that TfL still isn’t at 80% of what it did pre-COVID. I’d imagine there’s just a lot less Karen-folk in London so on freedom day, they stayed home realising we’re not near the end of this pandemic yet.

Yeah and I wonder if it’s because so many people are still working from home? I could be wrong but it feels like London and other big cities had more of an after work pub culture, that probably hasn’t returned yet?

I feel I am spending less compared to pre pandemic. I have been working at home so that has saved travel costs. I have not been going to the gym much where before pandemic I would go a few times a week. I have not travelled abroad since pandemic so that has saved a fair amount of money. Maybe I have spent more on takeaway food which isn’t good but definitely overall much less.

@Everybitcounts t’s true. The pandemic has shown us that we spend a lot of money on unnecessary things. For example, I discovered a greater interest in cooking at home compared to before.