How do you feel about "Freedom Day"?

England is now only a few days away from “freedom day” aka the government’s step 4 plans to return to normal.

On the 19th of July, the British government will seek to end all legal, social, and economic restrictions imposed to reduce the effects of the pandemic.

However, Londoners have today been told that mask-wearing will still be compulsory on public transport.

How do you feel about the restrictions easing on Monday?

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Fully agree with it, public transport and enclosed spaces should still be mask wearing (even post pandemic). Not caught a cold for ages now and I’m 100% sure it’s because of this

I do think we should go further and remove exemptions though: I saw someone put on ten masks and smoke a cigarette and still run a mile and he’s fine

There’s no reasonable excuse to not wear one short of having tubes up your nose, in which case you have plenty of air regardless so it still doesn’t matter

NHS at the very least should be providing verifiable mask exemption cards or numbers to people that really are exempt and the equality act should be amended to allow providers to ask for proof of this

I understand the U.K. values personal freedom but to an extent we should think about the collective of Great Britain and what it takes to ensure she remains Great


I’m nervous that the legal basis for restrictions is ending.

People say it will be fine if everyone just uses common sense and still wears a mask anyway in crowded situations, but you can’t rely on everyone using common sense (it’s not that common).

I think it’s inevitable, to be blunt, that some kind of restrictions will have to return in the winter and this is just a brief period without them.

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This is a really good point - I think not being in a large office all week has helped with this too

Hmm, I think there are some reasonable exemptions. Like people who assist someone who relies on lip-reading, or facial expressions to communicate? Or anyone that would have trouble putting on/ removing a mask?

This reminds me of a meme I saw recently… :eyes:

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Good point - but all these sorts of exemptions were already covered under the legislation anyway.

It makes no sense to me to scrap the legal basis for enforcing restrictions as it will allow awkward people to go “you can’t make me” and set up security people, shop staff, etc for confrontation.

It’s not fair on them for the government to put them in that position.

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If think we are going into a third lockdown in September. :wink:


Yeah I do feel for anyone that has a customer facing role and has no choice but to be around un-masked people.

I’m all for continuing with the masks - the pros of wearing them still massively outweigh the cons so atm it’s a no brainer!

Don’t jinx it! September is not that far away!

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So I do, absolutely; it’s almost inevitable.

Many of the SAGE scientists also think the same.

Okay maybe there’s a few, but the list should be exhaustive and police/army should be enforcing w/ criminal terms and crippling fines

If I see another person with one of those Etsy bought immunity passes I’m going to strangle them with it

Had someone say to me “I don’t wear a mask but I forgot my badge so I’ll wear one”

Okay so you’re a waste of oxygen thanks for letting me know

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Didn’t know this was even a thing!

No idea if it is but the point I’m illustrating is “mask free pass” isn’t legitimate at all

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So so relieved the restrictions have eased :heart_eyes: but agree that common sense needs to be applied. Some people have stared at me for forgoing a face mask but what they don’t know is I tested positive for Covid in Dec and had both doses of the Pfizer vaccine by the end of April, so why the hell should I keep wearing a mask?! The risk of infection is v low for me. I won’t pander to this mask mania, but do agree that unvaccinated/clinically vulnerable ppl should stick with it. Deaths hit 96 today…am tempted to agree with Ed that a second lockdown is coming.

Controversial question…even if daily deaths climb into the hundreds, if the NHS isn’t overwhelmed then should we carry on as normal? Given most of the deaths are in unvaccinated folk, I’m tempted to say yes. Society can’t grind to a halt bc some ppl chose not to get vaccinated (obvs some can’t get the jab but they’re a minority).

I guess the thing that confuses me is that we were told to wear a mask to protect other people, not just ourselves. So it therefore shouldn’t matter if the risk of infection is low for you, because it might not be for the person you’re standing next to? :woman_shrugging:t2:


The risk of infection is low for me so I am highly unlikely to pass it on to anyone else. That’s why I don’t wear a mask. To pass on this virus, you need to be infected. An Imperial Uni study shows that people that have caught Covid and subsequently been doubled jabbed have extremely good immunity. I just think people should use common sense and not be judged for it by the baying mob.

You can still carry the virus and infect others regardless of your vaccine status and regardless of your previous infection

They’re right to be looking at you funny. Literally the most selfish act you can do, “I’m okay so why should I wear a mask”. Imagine if we did that in WW2, “don’t care if everyone else is being bombed because I’m fine”.

The national unity this country used to have has went to hell and not come back. It makes me ashamed of my countrymen.

Sounding an awful lot like a Karen as it sits, may I add

Morning everyone,

I know this is quite a sensitive subject, but can I just jump in here quickly to remind everyone of our community guidelines

Critiquing someone’s post is fine, but personally critiquing someone isn’t :blush:

Some good news… I’ve just managed to move my second jab forward :raised_hands:


Is it insensitive to not support the potential mass murder of immunocompromised people’s? Or to judge someone based on their misinformed and unapologetic stance on science?

It’s not a critique of someone, it’s a critique of their actions and morality. Our country has become far too self-obsessed and that’s why other countries are doing a lot better than we are.

If people stop wearing masks because “I’m alright Jack” we’ll never be rid of it.

It’s this kind of inability to understand what efficacy means that will leave the hospitals doing nothing but treating covid patients for months.


Just to follow up with a relevant link CDC Confirms That Viral Loads In Vaccinated People With Delta May Be Infectious, So Masks Are Necessary


Really bothers me that people use the argument like “the vaccines aren’t 100% guaranteed to stop me from getting Covid either”

That’s not the point though :face_vomiting: God some people make me sick, I got banned actually from Twitter for saying some anti-masker was a cockroach lmao