Is Virgin credit card connection down?

Non pending transactions don’t seem to appear in the app. Doesn’t look Emma specific.

There is a known issue, can you ping live chat?

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Also having issues with this connection. Anyone else seeing similar?

Previously, updating the connection opened the app nicely. Now it opens a browser page with a URI to large error.

I don’t think I’ve changed anything on my Android phone. Somehow it’s not finding the app or there’s something else wrong…

Hey All,

Here’s Virgin’s solution

We’ve seen this issue a few times since Android rolled out updates to their OS

The below steps have rectified it in all cases so far:

1. Check the customer is doing this from a mobile device, with the App installed.

2. Uninstall the App and install the latest version.*

3. Check that the Browser the customer is using is set to allow the browser to open Apps (the consenting process takes the user to a web based landing page - if the browser is set to disallow the opening of Apps, it will fail at this point with a 414 error)

4. Restart phone.

5. Try again.

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Funny! My browser was already configured like this and I’d tried a different browser already, but this made me try again with chrome (leaky?) and that was enough to fix it.

I do find the whole sequence messy, opening a browser, then the app, the redirection back to the browser, which never actually opens the app…

I prefer Starling, which notifies you in app when authorisation has expired, so you can simply update from there