Introduce yourself 👋

If you ever get the chance to go, I recommend avoiding summer time! No sane person should be outside in the Florida summer heat, yet so many do it anyway and suffer. :hot_face: Hopefully you get the chance to go someday!

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I can imagine, I wouldn’t survive to be honest :hot_face:

Fingers crossed! :innocent:


I love

He-man and the masters of the universe (yes I’m a nerd)
Metal music
My pet rabbits

I’m also disabled


Who isn’t? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Yes that is true, I suppose.

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We are doing a stickers giveaway on Twitter: :rocket:

Hey Everyone :wave:

Joel here - the newbie on the block here at the Emma team :man_cartwheeling: Now looking after User & Community Success (and also the two succulents I have adopted on my desk). Currently spending most of my time learning the in and outs of Emma but expect me to get a lot more active here in the future :wink:

:dancing_women: People person
:microphone: Bad singer but owning it
:ramen: Ramen
:cupcake: Films about food
:leaves: Country kid at heart


Welcome aboard. :stuck_out_tongue:

I am an Architect at Nationwide Building Society, but am on this forum purely on a personal basis (so no insider information).

I have spent the last 2 years working on Open Banking (we are one of the CMA9) and I must have used dozens of Open Banking TPP’s applications over that time.

I have been using Moneyhub for almost a year and have also used Yolt, MoneyDashboard, Tandem, etc. etc.

I only heard about Emma recently and am giving it a try. Very interesting to see the different approaches that Moneyhub and Emma have taken and I am looking forward to learning more about Emma.


Hey Max! Nice to e-meet, hope you guys are fixing OB by Monday. :stuck_out_tongue:

If it’s not fixed - we riot.


I’m kosi. Been using Emma for a few months now and it’s been great but. Moved over from using Google Sheets. Tried moneydashboard and Emma on the same day and stuck with Emma due to the easy on the eye and somewhat “playful” UI.

I work with a company that provides electronic health records software for Carehomes, Retirement Homes and Hospitals.

Outside of work, I spend most of my free time looking after my young offspring.

What’s left of that is spent swimming, chilling out, reading occasionally, watching highlights of F1&football and finding new ways to save, invest.

Been following the community for a while now.

Thanks for a cool app.

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This sounds awesome. :slight_smile:

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Hello everyone, just saying hi hello! I hope to provide you all with user feedback as well as ideas. I have no experience in open banking apps, UI, or apps in general, but maybe that makes me a useful voice? Idk.

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That’s the best voice. :wink:

Hi all, I’m Dan.

Fairly new to Emma.

I run an asset finance company, providing funding for purchases for businesses and their directors.

Looking for ways to control my money and make more money!

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Hey @StokieDan :wave:t3:

Welcome to the community!


Hi. Just started using Emma and still getting used to it. Like the layout and the graphs. Love the budgeting bits. Would like more categories though.

I bank with HSBC because I opened an account there at 18 and haven’t changed it. Now 60 so you can see how lazy I am! But I remember my account number, they have branches near where I live to deposit cheques and I like their online banking App, especially since I can use it with a fingerprint rather than nasty VPN!

I wanted to monitor my spending on my credit card which I use for most online shopping so annoying that Co-op credit card NOT supported. Any date for that? I also have an Amex but lots of places won’t accept it.

For investments would like Aegon Cofunds added

A bit of feedback from a non techie older user:

It would be useful to have a new user group where you can ask stupid questions without annoying more experienced users. Could we have a category that was called new user or something similar. With a good FAQ? I didn’t think of looking under general. Couldn’t find this thread without linking from another thread where people were being directed here because they hadn’t posted before

It would also be really helpful to have a list of credit cards that are supported. Not just the credit card only suppliers but credit cards within banks. Or when you say which banks are supported state whether that’s current accounts only or other services. I’m debating changing to another credit card but don’t want to do it only to find that is also not supported

Anyway. Hello again. Really enjoying with my new toy :grin:

42 years! Wow. :slight_smile:

We do have a FAQ (Emma App), but I agree with you we should have more practical guides on how to use Emma. :slight_smile:

Hey @Patricia235

These are great suggestions! I’m going to create a place where people can ask any question as I think this could be really useful