Emma is hiring! πŸ’ͺ

Happy Hump Day Peeps! :grin:

I wanted to let you know we have just opened up some roles here at Emma HQ. :tada:

We are currently looking for the following people to join our team in London:

  • Senior Software Engineer

  • Mid-Level Backend Engineer

  • Senior Mobile Developer (React Native)

  • Mid-Level Mobile Developer (React Native)

  • Senior Growth Hacker

  • Mid-Level Growth Hacker

Emma is growing quickly and we are building the best product team in the world, so if you know anyone please let them know, alternatively if you would like to apply see link below:


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That’s so exciting. Gosh here am I stuck in my supermarket job surounded by noise, tannoys and busy shoppers. So London is a mile away!! Good luck with the vacancies.

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Thanks @Hans!

Hey Everyone,

We are also looking for a Customer Success person to look after our lovely users!

Send me a message if you are London based and interested :sunglasses:

More details here:


I’d LOVE to work for Emma. If you ever find yourself looking for employees working remotely, you know how to reach me. I’ve previous experience with Zendesk and customer suport. Take a look at my LinkedIn profile for more information.


Aw! You would be a great customer service person :smiley:At the moment we are only looking for people who can work at our HQ in London but if we ever have anything remote I will definitely let you know.

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Please do. As I’m located in the US, I can be flexible on the hours and will be able to respond to queries from the US/CA market when you’re otherwise asleep. I’ve my own company and could invoice Emma if that’s easier.