Instant Access Savings Accounts


I have some savings that im trying to get the best instant access rate for, and it seems that with my Chase, Tandem and Zopa accounts (which regularly appear on the site), i can can move money between the 3 when the rates increase.

My idea scenario is to now have Emma intergration with these 3 accounts so i dont have to manually update which is a massive pain, especially when pots are involved.

Anyone in the community with a similar request?

Emma - any update on any of these 3 integrations (integrations are what makes the emma app a winner)

There’s not really anything Emma can do.

You’ll need to convince whoever is responsible for open banking legislation to mandate that savings account providers must provide access via open banking (currently only payment accounts such as current accounts and credit card accounts are required to provide access).

I doubt savings account providers will give access voluntarily.