Zopa Loans & Credit Card

Another fintech company dealing with credit - loans and credit cards

Would love to see their integration

The thing is I either track all of my finances or none of them so if a product is not integrated with Emma I won’t use it

If too many products (or apps/companies/banks) whatever you would like to call them) I like are not integrated with Emma it makes me start to think if it’s worth continuing to pay for it.

The more integrations the better this is absolutely key

Not sure how much time and effort it takes to setup a new API with a new bank

Don’t they legally now have to allow you to setup an API with them?

Zopa don’t appear to provide an open banking API to enable access. You’d probably need to convince them to do so before apps like Emma could consider connecting.

As to whether they are required to do this - I’m not sure. I used to think there was a requirement for all providers of payment accounts (e.g. current accounts, credit card accounts, prepaid debit cards) to enable access to these accounts via open banking. But I see so many that don’t that it makes me think that maybe this is not the case. Maybe it only becomes a requirement when a company has a certain number of customers.

Any update on adding Zopa?

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