Moneyhub vs EMMA Integrations

I was looking through the providers that moneyhub uses. It seems as though they have far more integrations than EMMA. Key one to note is vanguard accounts is there a different provider or service that emma uses compared to moneyhub it would be great to have lots more integrations some of the big ones of course being Chase, other investment accounts vanguard, Trading212 and pension accounts. As well as the auto-trader integration would be great.

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I suspect all of these are credential-sharing integrations. You give your account details to MoneyHub, they try to log in on your behalf and download the data. It will break every other day, sometimes it might never work and it’s not worth it or reliable.

MoneyHub consumer app is not their business, they make money with B2B and by building integrations to the banks.

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That makes a lot more sense as the service isint the best. I am looking forward to more integrations going forward

Would you ever integrate with Yodlee for this sort of thing?

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It’s an old provider that doesn’t work.

You would come to us and beg for the connection to work every other day. The issue with credential-sharing connections is quite simple:

  1. You give us the credentials
  2. Whenever a provider changes their web interface, you can’t sync anymore

For the UK market, we are exclusively focused on Open Banking + any product that has an API.


That makes sense, understood!