HSBC savings accounts can’t be added

It’s not possible to link to HSBC savings accounts (ISA and flexible saver). I can add my current account and joint current account from HSBC though. Why is it not possible to add all 4 HSBC accounts? Thanks :blush:

Hey @LydiaAttard :wave:

Following up on @caprotti response, HSBC has decided not to support savings accounts in the Open Banking API (the system through which we connect with your accounts). This is why you’re not able to add them in Emma :disappointed_relieved:

Are you planning on adding any new connections, @Joel?

@grant.m we definitely are but new integrations are on the back burner while we find more developers. Know anyone?

Unfortunately I don’t. It’s a real shame to hear that.

Things change around here fast Grant. It could be much sooner than you expect :wink:

Thank you for the update :blush:

We should be able to have these in March. :slight_smile:

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Does anyone know if HSBC Saving Accounts can be linked now?

Not for me, when last updated the sync this week :pensive:

Same here :disappointed: I tried a few times just now but seems like it’s because HSBC is not making Open Banking available for Saving Account so the guys at Emma can’t link it

Savings accounts are not part of Open Banking.

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