Exclusion of ISAs

I have noticed that recently my banks have stopped sharing information relating to ISAs. I assume this is a consequence of changes in online banking regulation.

However, I am finding that the app is no longer as useful if all I am seeing are my current accounts. I appreciate that I could pay for the full version of the app and then enter the values manually, but it seems somewhat unfair to be penalised because my banks have stricter information sharing policies.

Perhaps being able to enter data manually should be included in the light version of the app? Would anyone else benefit from this/ does anyone have a way around this?

Yes, this is correct. ISAs are not available anymore for any banks unfortunately. :slight_smile:

Hi @edoardomoreni - apologies for resurrecting an old thread but I wondered if you had any more information on why ISAs are no longer available through Open Banking APIs. Is this something that’s being worked on as part of the standard, or not?

The original post mentioned a change in online banking regulation being the cause of this. I couldn’t find anything online about it. Do you happen to know where I could read more about this change?

I really enjoy using Emma and think it’s a great service, but I wish that I could see my ISAs. Obviously I understand that you’re not in a position to influence regulation, but I’d love to be able to follow progress of this kind of thing and I’m not sure where to look for updates on Open Banking. I assume that the exclusion of ISAs from these APIs won’t be forever?


No it’s not.

ISAs are not payment account, so banks are not going to include them. :slight_smile: The change is called PSD2 - this is a European directive, which the UK has adopted.