HSBC and First Direct drop Reg Savers to 1%

As widely expected . . . .

The 2.75% have now gone.

Would not have appeared in Emma anyway as Savings Accounts not supported in Open Banking (per another thread)

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Eeesh it really does seem like savings accounts aren’t the best place for your money at the minute… but if it’s not the right time to invest, what else can you really do with it??


And I am not an investor.

Raised to be careful with money and now it is so ingrained that the thought of risking hard earned capital makes it difficult for me to change.

S&S ISA next April may be my first venture.

May change my mind by then too though :rofl:

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It’s always the right time to invest :partying_face: :moneybag:

Have you started investing @rebekah?

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I have a link to a 1.25% easy access saver if anyone wants to take advantage?


All the investing advice kinda suggests that to make the most out of investing you need to keep your money in there for at least five years. My whole saving history has been saving up for a couple of years for something big (a car, travelling around S.A, a house) spending it all, and then starting again haha, so it’s never seemed sensible to invest it!

Maybe I’ve missed a trick all these years haha :joy:

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Who’s that with, you’ve intrigued me?!

@rebekah is right, I think - investing long term is where you get a return, saving up for a “goal” is only short to medium term so it doesn’t make sense to me to risk investing as the potential for loss is too high.

Unless we are both doing it wrong?

Ah okay, that makes more sense.

Maybe it could be an idea to go for more short-term investments like peer-to-peer lending

Yeah maybe after I’ve bought a house this could be something I look into! :raised_hands:

What type of investments do you have?

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After you’ve bought a house in London, you’ll have nothing left to invest :rofl:

Problem solved :grin:

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Ugh, don’t remind me!

I can start small though and work on building it month by month :sweat_smile:


Here’s a start then . . .

Sorry. Couldn’t resist it :rofl:

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Still available if someone wants to take my referral!

Scary that the best savings rates now are coming from crypto :s

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