🐎 Lloyds - Saving accounts integrations

I’m gonna guess that’s is a limitation from the API of Lloyds but Emma can’t see/sync my 2 savings accounts in Lloyds, only my current and credit accounts. There’s something that it can be done regarding that?

This unfortunately is a limitation with the law. Some savings accounts don’t qualify as “payment accounts”, so banks have decided not to return them.

Thanks Edoardo.

We should have a list a tier list of banks being user/api friendly for this things. I’m more than happy to ditch “shitty” banks in this respect.

Do you have recomendations for which banks do this correctly?

Not a categoric list, but I’ve seen savings accounts in the HSBC, Starling and Monzo APIs.

There is no real official list out there. :frowning:

ISAs are almost 99% out of the question.

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Yeah, yesterday I added my Monzo Business account and it was a pleasure to find that the Savings account was listed too. And from what Edoardo mentioned in another topic it seems Chase is gona list too their savings accounts.

I’m aware that pots/spaces from monzo/starling are kinda like a black box for most things. I guess that applies for banks specific “pots”.

Virgin Money savings and ISA, Halifax everyday saver, and Santander esaver accounts are supported IIRC.

This is a great round up list thanks Lucian!