Lack of available accounts

Emma Pro is too expensive given the number of manual accounts one has to input.
When can we expect to be linked?
When can we expect Coventry B S to be linked?
Will we ever be able to link a French euro bank account? Apps are just the same.


Hey, @tonyjones46200
Unfortunately, we do not have an ETA for those accounts yet, but I’ll let you know if anything changes!

Hey @marynakhapitska

Would you be able to confirm the last time Emma added a new banking connection?

Hey @grant.m,

we are not working on new connections at the moment (or plan to) unless there is something that is easy to integrate and can be used by many. :slight_smile:

This is actually quite disappointing to hear. Bluntly speaking, an app like Emma is only worth paying for if we can take most of the manual work away. I was fine with Skipton savings account having no integration (I imagine it’s a more obscure bank). But then I opened a MoneyFarm account and despite it being in the list of integrations, clicking it only asks me to tweet them. That’s misleading and terrible UX.


I agree. I would not pay the full subscription for year 2 without an improved account service.
My requirements include:

Coventry BS
I accept that it may be difficult to include a French euro current account so do not request. Fidelity Investments are a nightmare to keep up to date manually.