Dreaming of Holidays? 🌞

It’s so hot in London today and it is going to continue over the next few days. Luckily we are in our new office which has AC and ice-cold water on tap, but just a reminder to look after yourself in this heat!

(Hope any Londoners here don’t have to get on the tube this week :hot_face:)

Any lucky people who are off on holiday this summer, where are you going? What are you doing? :desert_island:

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Over here in the US the temperature reaches around 90-100 degrees (35-40 C) and the Police have recommended people to wait with any criminal activity until it gets colder, for their own safety.

In regars to vacation, I’ll be taking of to Las Vegas by the end of August!

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I don’t know how you guy’s do it. I once went to NY for work in Aug and they had one tiny little AC for a massive warehouse office and I was nearly passing out at my desk. I can’t concentrate when it’s that hot. People were actually working outside as well! Couldn’t believe it.

Las Vegas - that’s going to be amazing! My friend went there recently but he said it wasn’t peak time so it was a bit more quiet than normal.

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Although living in Texas is warmer than living in Norway, we have something most places in Norway lacks, AC. Being back in Norway without one was at times a nightmare. However, you get used to it, to some extent.


Pictures? :wink:

Wish me luck, I’m going to be on the tube and Paris’ Metro in less than 4 weeks.

Paris and London👏

Meeting my girlfriend :sunglasses: she’s flying all the way from the East Coast here :smile: I’m very excited

Fun fact: :joy: I met her by killing her in a game and jokingly asking her for her BBM pin, then started talking to her later that week

This is our first time meeting so :crossed_fingers:

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Do you not follow us on IG?! I put pictures up the other day on our IG stories! Here are a few sneak peaks…

Wow, I went to Paris last year because my family are from there and it was HAWT. Pack suncream and be prepared haha. I would avoid the metro lol

What are your plans for london?

That is definitely a good story to tell your kids :joy:

How long have you known each other?

:crossed_fingers: Our fingers are crossed for you!

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Maybe for her but my Turkish blood protects me from burning throughout the year

Whatever she wants to do as I’ve seen everything multiple times :sweat_smile:

I think Big Ben is on there and London Eye (I’m going to die on this one!)

Give us a few years we’re 18 and 19 respectively :joy: and live 3.5k miles away from each other - at least let us close the gap!

Will be 6 months when she lands.

She studies over most of the year because she’s trying to get a degree in law and wants it done sooner so August was a good time for both of us since they apparently don’t have half terms etc

So we had to make the plans hella quick

She’s actually the one who asked me :slight_smile:

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Ah you’re lucky haha my German blood should protect me but my dad’s Irish side let’s me down!

Tbh there is sometimes too much to do in London. Theres always something new though!

I have lived in London my whole life and I only went on the London eye 2 years ago haha with my French cousins.

Yeah fair enough you have still got a bit of time :rofl:

Well, I hope you have a fun time!

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It’s going to be either very fun or very awkward

We have a hotel booked in London, Airbnb in Paris, both of which with only a single bed :clap::smirk:


:rofl: Should be a laugh then.

Just make sure you do a shot before hand and you will be fine!


It’s like you want me to say something retarded :joy:

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No haha! never!

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