Hollywood Auction

If you could take home one Hollywood Prop, what would you choose??

I think I’d have to go for something really random, like the hamburger phone in Juno, or the closet computer from Clueless…?


You know what? I found this a harder task than it ought to be.

You would think something would immediately spring to mind, but alas no!

Props I would like are from UK based films.

For example, the pocket watch that featured in Norman Wisdom’s A Stitch In Time - Rank Organisation

or an Eiffel Tower from Ealing Studios’ production of The Lavender Hill Mob, starring Alec Guinness.


:joy::joy: it’s because there’s so many props to choose from!

Is this life-size haha?

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I would take Hogwarts please :nerd_face:

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Well if we’re including property in this… I’ll have the house from the Notebook pls :laughing: