If money was no issue, which company would you invest in?

Happy Friday everyone! :partying_face:

Our question of the week is…

If money was no issue, which company would you invest shares in, and why?

Since nobody else has replied to say it, Tesla. In the hopes there will be investor perks, e.g. discounts. I’m 1/3rd of the way to buying one but don’t think it will happen as I just don’t need it.

@rebekah what about you?

Tesla was the company I had in mind as well :raised_hands:

Was also thinking maybe one of the streaming services, considering how many people have been at home watching Netflix etc, but I’ve just seen Netflix stock has actually just fallen?!

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Disney is where it’s at according to some investment sources. A rise in popularity and some shows people wouldn’t usually associate with Disney (co-owned companies for example)…

I guess if Tesla wasn’t an option it would be in some clean air technology or medical virus research companies.

I mean, Disney + launched at the perfect moment!

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If there is any steaming service, my better half probably has it. But we always get back to Netflix so I’m slowing convincing him towards consolidation… slowly!

I agree that Netflix is the best out of all the streaming services! (helps that I also haven’t paid for my own subscription in about 3 years haha :shushing_face:)

Amazon Prime is good, but it seems like everything I want to watch comes with an extra charge??

Everything! I don’t think I’ve found anything to watch that isn’t needing more money.

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Renewable energy shares. There are some exciting companies coming up like https://www.ceres.tech/. My Global Clean Energy EFT is also absolutely nailing it right now.

Oooo I’ve not heard of them before - they look really interesting!

Symbol so I can follow on Freetrade?

How are you and your housemate doing on your £30 investment? What I am asking is, have they wiped the floor with you yet? :wink:


My flatmate is faffing around with it - he’s one of those people are scared that the app is going to steal all his money :expressionless:

I, on the other hand, am smashing it - naturally :nail_care:. You could say I have a sixth sense for it (famous last words) Started on £33 and now I’m up to £37.10

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Keep it up Joel! :wink: but maybe he needs a kick up the bum to scare him out of it.

You only lose when you sell at a loss.

How are you tracking with FreeTrade? Any unusual stock purchases?

It’s great compared to T212 but I am trying to not check it often. I’m a little up but I’ve been adding almost daily until last week.

I got the better half on it for the free share (Trainline!) and had my first rights issue (Mitie) so feel invested long term to give me a better retirement.

We are moving home so I’m trying to my pump too much into it currently due checks that will be made.

Not really unusual as such as I still play to companies I know or like, but… I have invested in the asset management wealth firm that had invested in the company I work for. While not unusual, it’s oddly fun to be invested in a company that’s invested in a company where I have a direct ability to generate revenue…

Underwear, swimming pools, and designer clothes have also made the list which may be a bit random.

Yourself @Joel ?

@jase Looks like Disney are planning to launch another streaming service! :eyes:

Buy shares! But don’t tell my better half. We just got rid of Amazon Prime and switched to sharing a Netflix with friends. I don’t want to get a new streaming service :wink:

Great idea :raised_hands::raised_hands: