If you found a suitcase with

If you found a suitcase with a huge amount of money in it (I dunno, say 500K - 1M) what do you think you’d do with it? :eyes::eyes:

Probably the least popular response, I would hand it in to the nearest police station.

Anyway, knowing my luck, it would be full of counterfeit notes :man_shrugging: :rofl:

Very responsible of you! :wink:

I asked this question on our Facebook page and found out that if the money has associations with illegal activity then it goes to charity!

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A sort of unofficial POCA then.

How would they determine whether it was from the proceeds of crime though?

“SWAG” inscribed on the suitcase?? :thinking:

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Haha this is a good point - perhaps if a black and white stripy tee & a balaclava were also found near the suitcase? :joy:

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Oh that would be easy to return then.

Just look around for the half naked person :mag_right: :rofl:

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