Help please! Weekly budget incorrect?

Hello everybody, I’ve only been using Emma for about two weeks, so still understanding things!
Today it came up with my weekly spendings, when I mannully added up these transactions the total was £349.62… I don’t understand why Emma’s figure is higher?

Also another questions: is there a way to not include offline accounts in the Net Worth? I have an account for paying my care assistants but it’s not my money that they are paid from so I want to separate it from my personal Net Worth. Hope that makes sense?!


Hii @LeoAces

Welcome to the Emma community! :bear:

Do you have any transactions under the “excluded” category?

Other than hiding the whole account I’m not sure there’s a way at the minute. I’ll ask the rest of the team and if there isn’t a way, we’ll add it to our list of suggested new features :blush: