How are the stats in the weekly report generated?

This might seems like a silly question on the surface of it but I ask because I’m a little dubious about the numbers that are coming up.

This week, I was told that my spending is in the “top 0.01% of all users”. My wife and I rarely eat out and, sure enough, when I check my analytics, I have spend the grand total of £16.32. I find it hard to believe that 99.99% of all users are spending less than this as I know a cheeky family takeaway is a weekly occurrence in many families and I’d bet that’s usually more than £17. The only stats I could find on emma’s user base is that it has at least 100,000 users meaning my little £16.32 spend was more than at least 99,990 people in that same week. Maybe it is… but it seems unlikely :thinking:

Anyway, it’s not a complaint - I love the app. I’m just wondering if there’s something a little wrong somewhere…