Incorrect Income data


There is an error with the date of a transaction in my Emma account. It is messing up my budget.

I tried to change the date on the transaction to the correct one but it is making me upgrade to do so.

Why do i need to upgraded when the error is on the app? Why not just have the correct dates as they are in my bank account?

Please find the images attached of the data in Emma. This income came into my bank on 31st March but it says 22nd March. I hadn’t even sent the invoice on the 22nd


Many thanks for advising.

Hi @Chipo,

Thanks for reporting this!

We’ll need to take a closer look at what is going wrong here. So we can do this, can you reach out to us via chat in your Emma app?

Sure. Thank-you for your response.

I sent this issue in the app chat initially but i never heard back from anyone. It would be great to have it looked at as soon as possible.

Thanks for advising.

Best regards,