Varying Salary in Emma

Hi folks,

Sorry if this is in the wrong topic, wasn’t too sure where it should go.

I have very recently downloaded the Emma app and started categorising my transactions. The stumbling block I have is that I work in sales with a varying salary each month. What I am hoping for is an easy way to ‘add’ what my salary will be for the coming month (perhaps even before it hits my account) then know how much my bills/committed transactions all come to, and work out what I have left to spend for the month from there.

Is this possible in Emma?
Does anyone use Emma that has a varying salary? Any tips on how best to use it?

Thanks for any help

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Hi Mike,

I am Edoardo from Emma.

Thanks for reaching out and posting this! :slight_smile:

I would suggest to set a total budget to track your spending and forget about the varying salary. The key here is to keep the spending in shape.

If you make some extra ££ as a one off, it will just mean you have saved more!

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