(Most-Wanted 🇬🇧) integrations

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Don’t really have any updates on either of these at the moment - sorry!

Hey @rebekah

Are the team focussed on further integrations or has the focus shifted towards revenue generation (cash back etc)?

We are looking into adding biz accounts.

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For further integrations, if they become available, we’ll integrate, otherwise we can’t do much. :frowning:

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This is great, I’m pleased to see Emma committing to staying competitive as an aggregator! :+1:

In case it hasn’t yet been noted - Hargreaves Lansdown appear to have an open banking API for their Active Savings product.

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We saw this and were expecting an API to track stocks. :frowning:


With Save Money, we have the firing power to make new fintechs successful, so yes, they will come to us with APIs and we’ll integrate them. :rocket:

ps: We are also in the process of forming a fully dedicated integration team.

Like for us, for example, Investments is something we want to bring in, but providers don’t have an API; so they way we are thinking this is if we can get the realtime stock data, we can even let people manually input number of stocks + avg price and have the same functionality.

Yeah, its a shame it doesn’t show investment accounts but perhaps this is a first step.

Overall I think its positive they are releasing an API even if only for cash savings. They presumably don’t have to (since not payment account) so good that they are voluntarily supporting open banking. I wish more cash savings providers did this!


Did you happen to look into the Coventry API? Does it provide access to their Savings accounts, or is it current account only?

It should be current accounts only: https://developer.coventrybuildingsociety.co.uk/

It becomes a bit of chicken and egg after a certain point. I don’t use dozens or jaja regularly, because I can’t connect them to Emma. If I could, I’d definitely use them all the time.

I wonder how many people take this approach though


Completely. I would use Dozens and stop using Monzo if it was in Emma. I use both Jaja and Tymit but neither are in Emma (regardless of why) and would use them more for my daily spend if I was tracking it in Emma.

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I get your points, but I guess this is a dozens or tymit kind of issue.

It’s a bit like Emma on Day 1 when we integrated Monzo and Starling.

We did it to get users and we got a lot of them.

Now, we are up and people who start today should beg us to integrate, but they are definitely not doing it.

Do you mean new challengers that come to market or users of Emma?

I appreciate you feel you are in a position to be asked to integrate by banks, but there is a fine line between being cocky and being confident.

As a young company, it’s still important to keep the user base happy too (especially for those of us paying). Unless you have challengers kicking down your door and begging you, your desire to be begged doesn’t really count for anything if it’s not happening.

Reminds me of those moments on Dragon’s Den where people value their own company at £12m.


No, I meant that Tymit hasn’t offered any integration.

We are happy to listen to our users, but it’s still very early days for them, so an integration wouldn’t be used by many.


Fair enough and I agree with your logic.

I would still like dozens to be integrated though!


I’d love Freetrade. :sob:

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