Aviva pension integration

I didn’t spot a request for this, but avia pension balances would be great.

( having said that, I’m not hopeful … )

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Hey @plord

Thanks for the request :+1:

We don’t have an eta on adding Aviva pensions but I’ll share any updates we get on here.

+1 this is a huge piece that’s missing from Emma for me

+1, would be great to see Aviva. Will subscribe to this thread . i believe in general I would recommend focusing less on features and more on integrations with other financial companies like pension providers, investments brokers, etc In this case you can increase the general pull of users who might want to use you as all-in-one finance app

Dear Emma team,

Is there any news on the Aviva pension integration?


Any news on Aviva ?

I started testing emma over a year ago now (and invested in it) … I’ve not noticed any new integrations recently. IMHO integrations is the most important feature.

I’m honestly trying to think when the last integration was.

Does Aviva have a open banking connection? Emma is only connecting to institutions that have open banking.

I don’t think so unfortunately

Ask them I guess … but other API’s are available to be used.