"Guest" request money

Hi beautiful Emma team! I have suggested this in the Live Q&A yesterday. It would be great to be able to transfer money from a person to another even if one of us doesn’t use Emma. I understand you want people to sign up but often this is a barrier that turns people away instead. A great way would be to Request Payment from the app, which sends am email/sms/whatsapp message, then the contact can pay with other services she/he uses on the phone, eg. Google or Apple pay, or by card like with a standard shopping checkout. Throwing it there as I think you’d be the 1st to do it (if you will), and will make many people’s lives a lot easier. It could even be a way to attract more people without being pushy, since we may ask for payments from all those non-techy people that normally don’t look for financial apps.

Hello :heart_eyes:

Totally agree that it would be very cool if we could transfer money to anyone.

At the moment though the feature has been built based on it being peer to peer payments so we need the other person to be on Emma so we know where to send the money :money_with_wings:

Are any of your friends or family on Emma yet?

Hello :heart_eyes:

The thing is you know where to send the money if the requester is using Emma, the other person doesn’t need to be, they could pay like in a guest checkout when you shop online.

Nobody else on Emma… they won’t get any extra app to make a payment even you pay them 50 quid to signup :sweat_smile:. But they might sign up in the future if they learn about it as “guests” and you entice them with something they need / worth signing up for :wink: