Utility bills and bill payments in Emma app

Hello! I want to suggest a new feature for Emma app - the ability to receive consumer bills - utility, insurance, council tax, others - directly into Emma app as a payment request with the PDF bill link/attachment.

Pay.UK has designed a scheme called Request to Pay (www.RequestToPay.co.uk) and is working with UK billers and banks to roll out. Could this be a new differentiating feature for Emma that no other apps have?

It would really help people who do not want to pay bills via direct debit and have to remember various passwords for the providers websites to log in and retrieve the bill…

Emma already has the ability to initiate payments via Open Banking - so this is an ideal use case for the payments feature.

What do you think?

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Hey Alexey,

This is a really interesting suggesion and definitely something worth looking into on our end! Thanks for the input!