Grouping multiple categories

Would it be possible to have an extra layer to the categories and link multiple categories to those groups and the view the analytics by those higher level categories?

The idea would be so you could group several bills categories, like utility, housing (like mortgage, service charges, ground rent) into 1 group, another group could be groceries, clothing, etc… in another. This way you could look at the analytics by those groups first and then drill down to the sub categories for more of a breakdown. So rather then seeing 20+ categories with different amounts and mentally working out which categories you need to analysis for saving excess, you see the analytics in 4 or 5 groups, first to give a big simple picture. May need option to default which view you see first.

Could be useful if want to split by committed spend groups to must spend and other spending.

Just a nice to have feature I think, but could be very useful

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